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How to protect your sensitive skin from washing dishes?

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A clean dish is not only about leaving your dishes sparkling clean but also about keeping your hands safe. Scrubbing dirty utensils using soap laden with heavy chemicals is just like licking a shopping cart handle since your skin will take in all the weird-sounding chemicals found in dishwashing soap. If you are washing dishes by hand, here’s a list of useful tips to protect your hands:

How to protect your sensitive skin from washing dishes | ecominim™

1. Use mild dish wash detergent.

Using a mild dish wash detergent can protect your skin from irritations. Usually, a mild dish wash uses plant-based ingredients such as coconut-derived soap, palm-derived surfactant, and others. Use a sponge that is good at absorbing soapy water. Even though the detergent is gentle, it can remove 100% dirt, grease, or stain. The most important is no residue or aftertaste.

protect your sensitive skin from washing dishes | ecominim™

2. Wear a pair of gloves

You can use a long dish glove during dishwashing. This can prevent your hand from irritating due to harsh dish wash detergent. People with eczema and sensitive skin are advised to wear a glove. If you do not have gloves and need to protect your hands, put plastic bags over your hands. Tie the bags using a hair tie or a rubber band around your wrist. Make sure that the hair tie or rubber band isn’t too tight.

protect your sensitive skin from washing dishes | ecominim™

3. Do not wash too long

Washing dishes can be quite long sometimes due to harsh dirt and this can affect your skin to be dry and itchy. You should choose a dish wash detergent that can remove dirt effectively under a single rinse.

4. Do not use hot water

Using hot water can make your skin worse. If possible, please avoid using hot water. You can also use water at room temperature or when it is lukewarm.

protect your sensitive skin from washing dishes | ecominim™

5. Rinse and dry your hands thoroughly after dishwashing. Use a skin-friendly for handwashing.

After dishwashing, please rinse your hand thoroughly with clean water. Please use the handwash soap that is skin-friendly to avoid irritations. Good handwash soaps are made from natural ingredients and are plant-based. 

protect your sensitive skin from washing dishes | ecominim™

6. Apply moisturizer

You need to choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin. Please choose a moisturizer with natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, milk, cocoa butter, shea butter, and others. These ingredients are excellent for soothing dry and sensitive skin. Sensitive skin people need to be extra attention in choosing skin care products.

protect your sensitive skin from washing dishes | ecominim™

Suggestion product:

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Good for you and your home.

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