Our Minim Brand Pledge

Minim Brand Pledge

The world is still reeling and recovering from a pandemic that started in 2019. There have been flash floods in almost every corner of the earth and some are disastrous events that have not happened for 100 years but are happening right now. We live in uncertainty even in big cities due to flash floods every time there is rain. The polar bears have suffered due to the melting icebergs due to global warming causing climate changes. Global warming is rising at an alarming rate of 3 degrees Celcius a year and increasing annually.  Environmentalists have been up in arms about the incredible and urgent need to realize and take action against a global disaster due to climate change. There is a critical call for the world and business corporations globally to join hands to reduce the carbon emission to reduce global warming to 1.5degrees Celsius a year now which allows for a 45% reduction of global warming by 2030 to prevent a  global meltdown.


The time is NOW and we at ecominim and Maypreen do not wish to be another company that as Greta Thunberg says “…just blah blah “, about our commitment to climate change. We will honor our words with actions because we care for our loved ones and future generation.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, under the United Nation Development Programme, ecoMinim’s  ESG, we share with you and work with you on our HERO is Zero Carbon Race by 2030.

Sustainability starts with you and me.

We support the UNSDG goals to reduce inequality within and among countries. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Ensure sustainable consumption and production for our world


1) Towards negative carbon footprint products:

One of the major things we really struggle with is the usage of plastic bottles, which as everyone knows is a major pollution issue. However, as well-intentioned as we are, it is hard to do eco-friendly detergent with no plastic packaging but we are studying alternative packaging materials and looking at other ways to reduce the impact of plastic. But until then, we ask for your forbearance and understanding as we continue to strive to reduce our carbon footprint of plastic footprints as much as possible.

A) Our Plastic Free Pledge

  • We will reduce the usage of plastic bottles by 30% by 2023
  • We will only use sustainable packaging materials by 2025.
  • We will recycle back our used bottles by 100% by 2023.
    Recycling our bottles can help to prolong the lifespan of our bottles, and reduce the demand for new bottles during production.
  • To reduce the single-use plastic option. One 500ml PET bottle is estimated to have a total carbon footprint of 82.8 grams of carbon dioxide. We will only use recycled plastic & recyclable materials. Towards 2025 we will be reducing plastic bottles by 50%. We also encourage our customer’s participation in our Return ∞ Reward program where we reward them as they return our products’ bottles.

B) To continue research and create Zero Negative Carbon products with no SLES and only safe ingredients

Ie: Our Concentrated Liquid Detergent 1Liter

Using our Ecominim Concentrated Liquid Detergent leaves only a carbon footprint: 0.6kg of CO2 per load of laundry compare to other regular detergents produced. Washing and drying a load every two days creates around 440kg of CO2e each year, which is equivalent to from KL to Klang and back with 24km taxi rides to and from the cities.

Our detergents are suitable for a cold water wash. Doing two loads of laundry weekly in cold water instead of hot or warm water can save up to 500 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.”

Depending on do it, and how many loads you get through each week, laundry can contribute a surprising amount to your carbon footprint.

C) Our Zero Waste Efforts:

  1. We only use recycled and biodegradable cartons for your orders. We will use upcycled cartons next time you order online. You will have reduced your carbon footprint by 3.31grams of carbon dioxide per gram of cardboard.
  2. We work with responsible recyclers who share the same sustainability passion who recycle their plastic into pellets for the next lifecycle

Social  Responsilibility:

1)To ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for all staff.

To provide conducive and positive working conditions that are humane and according to the law across the board. To empower and promote gender equality at all levels.-

2)  Responsible sourcing and usage

To ensure that we start sourcing from sustainable suppliers and only use safe materials and ingredients that are safe and minimal harm to humans and aquatic life.


3) Community outreach

We support single mothers and support them in their business and overall improvement of welfare and knowledge. We are committed to help single mothers to set up their businesses to create decent jobs and living for single mothers. Stay tuned for this work in progress, Ecominim is committed to serving the community, through valuable education and various community outreach. Our blog and social media platform share information and useful tips about clean cleaning as well as sustainability practices that you may embed into your daily lives

Join us and let us save the earth together and remember every small step matters! Together we race to a safer healthier world!

C) Mangrove Planting Activities

So in our efforts to offset the carbon damage, we pledge to donate RM0.20 for every purchase to plant mangrove trees. Every mangrove saves X co2 footprint. We pledge to plant 100 trees yearly. We have partnered with Kumpulan Sekitar in their effort to plant mangroves around the Selangor coastline.

1 mangrove plant cost RM40

100 mangrove plants = RM40 x 100

= RM4,000

Why is planting mangrove important. Why Should We Care?

1 acre = 4050 mangrove

One acre of mangrove trees can sequester 1450lb (657.7kg) of carbon in a year equal to Carbon emitted by one car that has been driven 1750miles (12 166.64km) same as WWWW Bukit Kayu Hitam x 8 times Driving using PLUS Highway (Bukit Kayu Hitam – Johor Bahru- Bukit Kayu Hitam) 8 times!


Mangrove forests can absorb and store far more carbon than terrestrial forests. With an average tree growing life of 25 years, a hectare of mature mangrove forest absorbs 840 metric tonnes of carbon. This means that one mangrove tree removes 308kg (0.3 tonnes) of CO2 from the atmosphere over its growth life, which is 12.3kg per year.


  • We do not subscribe to bribes or unethical business practices.
  • We will ensure that our products have independent tests and full declaration of ingredients in compliance

Minim Brand Pledge

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