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Not all heroes wear capes!

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Not all heroes wear capes!

Real live heroes don’t always wear capes and have stacked abs like Clark Kent.

Real heroes usually emerge in the most unexpected of times, but when it is in real need.

They come in a flash to do what is needed and don’t expect any flash or pomp. They often times look more like the anti hero. Short and pudgy, tall and rocklike, unshaven, a kid.

For ecominim, our unlikely hero is the ecoMinim Concentrated Dishwash, nicknamed DW. It certainly does not look like your average dishwash. It is not clear and transparent. It is not in a tall and handsome bottle. It is instead a funny offwhite colour. It is packed in a teardrop shaped bottle often mistaken for a handwash at a glance.

On a supermarket shelve lined with colorful dishwashers from deep emerald green, sunshiny yellow to sea salt perfumes, ecoMinim DW looks quietly dignified but a bit pale.

Pale, no colouring, WHY? Because, DW prides its principle on health is more important than good looks. Beauty from within, nothing toxic or potentially so.

DW is not your average handwash. It is in fact a superior dishwash. It is the prince of a dishwash.

It doesnt just clean oily food residues because that is a given, it does more.It safely cleans your fruits and vegetables. After all, most of its ingredients including preservative is food grade quality. None of those hormone inbalance bad for your internal organs ingredients.

But, like all heroes it swoops in for the rescue and leaves as quickly and silently. DW is like that, leaves no residue (tested by SIRIM). Just clean the stains, removes fishy smells and be gone.

Not like other dishwashers, it leaves no lingering perfume dishwash clamouring for attention, saying look, I just cleaned your dishes, making you use extra water and time to clean again.

Nope, DW is a quick squeeze of sponge, wash and rinse. All done in 10 seconds. Saves time and water. It just wants to make your life easy. As quickly as it appears, it is gone.

But DW’s secret weapon, is really in its commitment and magic touch to heal. People with constant eczema flare ups on hands or peeling dry hands.

These are the people it wants to protect the most. Cause even the angriest of “fu kwai sau” or prosperity hand (Chinese nick name) for eczema flared hands, DW will soothe and take care of it. A couple of uses will usually soothe and tame down the flare ups.

What happens if you don’t have sensitive skin, well DW keeps you company and protects and prevents the hands from sensitivity in future.

DW has made many friends, young old, women, men, he has come to the rescue time and again.

A hero in need is a hero in deed.

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