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Founder, Tan Yet Mee

How it all began…

I had to make a major lifestyle change – from my diet to the home detergents I used. I started being mindful when shopping and learned to read and recognize ingredients found on detergent labels. I experienced many discomforting errors in order to find the “safest” products that would not aggravate my skin condition.

I discovered that out of every 10 people I spoke to, at least one of them had or knew someone with skin allergies. The quest to provide a safer and better way to clean became my top priority.

With that in mind, my team and I decided to make it our mission to create the best, gentle, eco-friendly products that are not just safe for the environment and your skin but as effective as commercial cleaners.

When I started my factory 7 years ago, I began to examine the integrity of ingredients used in manufacturing household detergents. I realized that many brands were using ingredients that were reportedly hazardous, yet called themselves eco-friendly. So with the noble idea of saving the world and removing toxic chemicals from our homes, I engaged expert advice from eminent researchers, namely Professor Dr. Murray Hunter, and employed researchers to discover more.

In the last 5 years, we intensified our research for better ingredients as the market evolved and more ingredients became available. This quest escalated as more and more common ingredients were found to be unsafe. I tested every product on myself and became “User/Tester 001”. Anything I wouldn’t use on my family and friends went back to the drawing board.

ecominim™ is the result of many trials, tests, and research. Our products are designed to be safe, effective, and easy to use.

We believe that everyone can make a difference to save our world one step at a time.

Tan Yet Mee

Our Story

Minim Mission:

To have every household in Malaysia uses at least one minim product. With minim, everyone can go green with minimal impact on the world and with minimal effort.

Meaning of Minim:

– from the Oxford Dictionary, it means a small drop

– is a palindrome (a word that reads backwards and forwards) which is also the minim philosophy ….. life always go full circle and we reap what we sow. What goes around comes around.

Meaning of miniME:

We strive to preserve this world for our future generations, our mini-me’s. Henceforth, we would like to welcome you to join our community, as a member of our miniME programme, and be a part of our Minim Sustainable Living Movement.

Join us, as we embark on this journey to a cleaner home, and a cleaner environment.

Meaning of our logo:

The little plants also symbolize humanity, arm in arm to protect the earth and working together to save it

The heart symbolises the love of mankind and humanity, for which without humanity, the earth is just barren land. And our love for you.

The globe shows Malaysia, as we are proudly Made In Malaysia.

The lone starfish – is the symbol of hope. The starfish story goes like this : A boy was walking on the beach one day and saw thousands of starfishes washed up on the beach, he quickly reached for one and and threw it back in to the sea, and the next. After a while out of fatigue he stopped. His friend asked him why did he bother as thousands are washed ashore daily. He replied, as long as I can save one starfish, it is one starfish saved for one more day.

The moral of the story is, if everyone would stop and save one starfish, collectively we can save a lot of them. It just takes the one person and the one starfish.