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Staying Safe With Ecominim Hand Sanitiser

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Staying Safe With Ecominim Hand Sanitiser

By Juniper –


There are many household products out there termed “eco-friendly” but some may contain potentially toxic ingredients such as parabens. Some of these products may even cause skin irritation. For those with sensitive skins, applying a product which may cause them skin irritation would be disastrous as it’d take days, if not weeks to recover from the breakouts. When it comes to an “eco-friendly” product, one can have confidence in Ecominim as its founder, Tan Yet Mee has specially developed her range of household products sans toxic ingredients.20220131_125211

All Ecominim products are plant-based and organic surfactants. Ecominim hand sanitiser is a water-based, non sticky formula that leaves your hand smooth after use. Just spray a small amount onto your hand and 99% of common bacteria will be killed. This spray bottle may not be portable enough to carry around but it’s definitely a value buy as it’s 500ml. Good product for home or office as it will last weeks, if not months, even with daily usage.


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