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Gina PhanPerformance Trainer & Consultant

The liquid detergent just bring out the whites and the colors. If your hand sanitizer is causing dry skin and other allergies, look for Ecominim. The hand sanitizer is gentle to the hands and smells great

Lynette ChowCounsellor

Concentrated Liquid Detergent - "I like it very much because it is low suds and contain no harsh chemical like SLES/SLS which my husband is very concerned about."

Bibiana reincastle

I like the fragrance & how clean the floor feels when you walk after mopping the floor with the floor wash. The clean smell & look of the clothes after being washed with the clothes detergent.

Puan RahimahEtiquette Trainer

Concentrated Liquid Detergent, Concentrated Dish Wash and Hand Wash - these are the products that i have been using and they are gentle on my hands and the fragrance is subtle and pleasant. Concentrated Floor Cleaner is effective on my wood floor and also the staircase. The Glass & Multisurface Cleaner is also effective and I use it a lot for kitchen table and stove counter.

Dr. LiewGynaecologist

It is not a matter of like or don't like, but that my sensitive hands need the products

Cheng Lin

Ecominim dish wash is a good product, gentle to my eczema hands and it's smell pleasant and fresh too.

Liz Chang

Laundry detergent, doesn't cause allergies to baby skin.

Salwana AliAuthor and Techpreneur

I like Ecominim products because they have the best combination of cleaning power, safety, price and social responsibility. Certified organic and plant based with reasonable price do it for me.


1 pump of the dishwasher liquid is sufficient to remove any grease on the plates or pots effectively. The hands won't feel dry nor greasy too.


I love ecominim floor cleaner it safe for my pet. Their product is of good quality. My floor shines and feels clean when you walk on it. Thank you Ecominim!

Phoy Chuin Ho

Great! Suitable for sensitive skin. No more eczema from cleaning & washing. Thanks

Koo Chee Wooi

Good in after sale service

Nurul Wahida AzhariGovernment Officer

Our very own Malaysian brand with affordable price for their eco-friendly products range. You won't get this kind of price with other brands. If you're an eco-friendly product freak

Jee San

I was always concerned about the chemical in the commercial floor detergent I use which may harm my dog. Using ecominim detergent helps and I can now let my dog sleeps on the floor without worries! Will continue to purchase!

Tan Yee Ping

Floor cleaner - Nice smell, non sticky, suitable for my dog with sensitive skin, will go for 3rd purchase 👍


I love the Ecominim products dish wash, detergent and window/glass cleaner. Tender to our skin and its’ effectiveness!

Paris BEntrepreneur & Beauty Blogger

Concentrated Floor Cleaner - Good stuff and works well even on wood/wood laminate floors. Got it for a pet-friendly floor cleaner option that is tough on dirt and safe for dogs.

Michelle SoongBusiness executive

Definitely mild on hands and still does the job.

Sock TProperty Developer

I have tried all types of sanitizer, Ecominim has a super safe and pleasant scent sanitizer. Scent so distinct in my brain to always remind me to use it and to be safe!


Concentrated liquid detergent:
mild & gentle. Good for sensitive skin. Eco-friendly. Safe for clothes, skin & environment.

JasmineMother of Two

I could not believe it when after I used it for the first time, my hands improved so much. I went back to my old dishwash and the sensitivity came back. So, I only use ecoMinim Concentrated Dishwash. Now my mother who has sensitive hands use it as well. When we started using we felt like it wasn't clean but actually it is.

AngelinaTech Specialist

My eczema is called dishydrotic eczema which means I have to avoid water. But my hands recovered after 1 week of using ecoMinim Concentrated Dishwash. By the way, it cleans well even oily dishes. Pricing is reasonable.


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