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The Story Of The Underdog Floor Cleaner

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The Story of the Underdog…

In every team there is this unexpected surprising underdog. The one who supports the team silently in the shadows without flash or pomp and then occasionally out of nowhere becomes a hero.

For us, it was the ecoMinim Floor Cleaner (FC).

The reception from our customers totally floored us (pardon the pun). It was totally unexpected.

Allow me to introduce FC as we affectionately call it.

FC was conceived, with the best of ingredients like its teammates. It had the safest of ingredients. None of that SLES surfactant, no harsh perfumes or harsh preservatives like its peers out there. Instead, it is made from plant based organic surfactant. It is like protector for the floor and the feet that walks on it. It protects as it cleans.

FC was always a little different. Unlike other friends out there who are a little, slippery sleek or just heavily perfumed, FC seems to be meek and mild. But our FC is a real hard worker. Give it a kitchen or a dancefloor, and it performs every cleaning, be it oily surface or grimy stains with absolute precision. Every mop of the floor is like a choreographed move so you can safely dance without worry of licin licin or slipperiness.

It is also thoughtful and
takes every chore seriously. Use only 20ml to clean an entire floor and leave it spotless, fresh smelling clean and it delivers. And along with that, it removes any old bacteria with every stroke. FC is super efficient and that is its integrity.

Most of all, FC loves pets that have sensitive skin and they love it back. They are family. He makes sure everything is safe for them. He will protect them with his life. Pets can’t talk they suffer in silence and FC will be their silent voice.

How many times have people knocked on our doors, it was an emergency. Someone else had cleaned the floor with usual counter dishwash cause they ran out of FC and pets developed blisters. FC rushes to the rescue so the pet can play safely again.

Last but not least, babies are so precious to FC, it wants to make floors a haven safe for babies to tread. Every step their pudgy feet land, FC ensures it is safe and enveloped in love, like a proud parent.

So, shy, unassuming FC now stands proudly on podium with other safe products.

FC is so humbled and grateful for the attention and promises to continue to do his job well for his fans.

Signing off with a bow,
The EcoMinim FC

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The Story Of The Underdog Floor Cleaner | Ecominim

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