Responsible Sourcing

Our raw materials are meticulously sourced to ensure that it is non-toxic to aquatic life and to reduce as much carbon footprint as possible.

We diverged from the usage of SLS/SLES

Our raw material suppliers within 30km radius to reduce carbon footprint of transportation

We meticulously select only raw materials that are non-toxic to life on land and in water

Sustainable Usage

Discover our revolutionized way of cleaning, leaving no dirt, no trace and no harm to you and the environment.

Wash colder and dry ‘em on the liner

Lose the heat on the water and the dryer.

Washing with cold water and line drying produces about 0.6kg CO2 per load of laundry as compared to 3.3kg CO2 in hot water wash and tumble dried.

Low suds and no residue for minimal rinse

Our products are formulated with low suds and to leave no residue.

Hence suitable even for short cycle washes to save even more water!

Use less for more

Most of our products are made concentrated to reduce water usage during manufacturing.

Dilution methods are stated on our products; and remember to use only what you need.

Repurposing Packaging Materials

One of the things we really struggle with is the usage of plastic bottles; it is hard to do eco-friendly detergent with no plastic packaging but we are studying alternative packaging materials and looking at other ways to reduce the impact of plastic. But until then, we ask for your forbearance and understanding as we continue to strive to reduce our carbon footprint of plastic footprints as much as possible.

As of present, we encourage our customers to return our plastic bottles via our Return ∞ Reward programme to reduce single-use plastic option. One 500ml PET bottle is estimated to have a total carbon footprint of 82.8 grams of carbon dioxide. We recycle or upcycle almost 90% of all of our plastic packaging materials.
Recycle and Reuse | Ecominim
Recycle Centre | Ecominim
We also upcycle cardboards into handmade cartons for your orders! This helps reduce carbon footprint by 3.31g of CO2 per gram of cardboard. Thus, remember to recycle these cardboards after you receive them as to continue our minimal carbon footprint efforts.

Join our Return ∞ Reward programme now to earn rebates when you recycle!

Repurposing Packaging Materials

Join us in our Community Outreach to empower women, educate on sustainability, charity drives and our tree planting projects.


Kick start your sustainable way of living today!

We collaborate with local women entrepreneurs for special projects

Be a part of our very own miniMe community