Bulk Saving Glass and Multi Surface Cleaner 5 Liters – Skye Fresh

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Buy in bulk to save up to 23%. Save the planet and save your wallet. This glass & multi surface cleaner is formulated without any harsh or corrosive ingredients, this alcohol-free cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces including stainless steel, aluminum, wood, porcelain, and tiles.



Especially effective on stubborn water stains, grease, dust, and soap scum. Non-corrosive on aluminum and alloy.


Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner

Scent: Skye Fresh

Volume: 5 Liters


Product characteristics

  •  Low suds
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Derived from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients.
  • Contains citric acid, a natural preservative commonly found in food
  • No dyes, coloring, parabens, phosphates, or phthalates.
  • Uses BPA-free reusable plastics



Spray on dry surfaces and wipe with a dry lint-free cloth or old newspaper.


EcoMINIM eco tip

For best results wipe mirrors and glass surfaces with old newspapers. For stubborn stains, spray, leave on for a few minutes and scrub or wipe with a damp cloth.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 29 cm


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