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Every Small Step Matters

The Minim Sustainable Living Movement is about every small step or action we take to make our environment which includes the people and surrounding community and in general mother earth a better place.

There has been tremendous awareness and movements which we salute like #zerowaste, #taknakstraw, no single use plastics and many other such groups.

In the last quarter century, plastic and raw ingredients like SLS/SLES and sulpahtes are known to be bad to the environment. Since they have been a staple in our lives, they are slowly corroding the safety of our loved ones.

We all know to change is a must and it takes some time, but let’s do our small part like refusing plastic bags and replacing them with cloth shopping bags as well as using safer ingredients whenever we can, as a great start.

But if you should forget one time, you can forgive yourself. Just remember to start again tomorrow because it is the small steps that matter in the end. And if you have been consistent, give yourself a small pat in the back, your family and Mother Earth thanks you.

In our factory’s processes, we reduce single use plastics. We recycle and repurpose any single use plastics back into our process. We continuously look for new learning and improvements.. We collaborate with experts and think tank of such matters as much as possible.

Minim living movement where every small step matters: 5Rs


We do away with chemicals and packaging material which are unsafe to human and the environment.


We reduce the use of single use plastic in our products where possibles. We encourage reuse of measuring cups from previous brands or just use your own creativity by not providing any of our own. We seek to learn how to reduce use of single use plastic where we can.


We are encouraging reuse of our plastic bottles by choosing cute bottles (wink) but we are also looking at refillables for them. Stay tuned here for more info.


We always ensure that we use recyclable plastic and cartons for our packaging materials. We just launched, our program to collect back used clean Ecominim empty bottles from our customers in the Return & Reward Program.
In this program, we really want to encourage recycling so we reward them for their efforts. Check out Return ∞ Reward program here.


We reuse rejected packaging materials like our cartons and plastic and reuse as packaging material in our shipping of ecominim™ products which you buy via our website or bought through various other platforms by controlling shipping on our side and people whom we are in collaboration in.

Minim Sustainable Living Movement

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